A Virginia law firm, we defend Reckless Driving cases in the entire Commonwealth of Virginia from our offices in Arlington, Fairfax, and Staunton


Among our lawyers, we have attorneys who are former prosecutors. 

We also have attorneys who teach serious traffic law to other lawyers at continuing legal education programs.  We even have an attorney who is a former police officer-- experience from all sides of the aisle to help defend Virginia Reckless Driving cases.


Albo & Oblon attorneys have been called . . .

. . . "Best Lawyers," according to Washingtonian magazine (2013).  

. . . "Top Criminal Lawyers," according to Northern Virginia magazine (2012).

. . . "Leaders in the Law", according to Virginia Lawyers Weekly (2010, 2008).

. . . Virginia's "Legal Elite"according to Virginia Business magazine. (2013-2006).

. . . "Virginia Super Lawyers," according to Law and Politics magazine (2013-2006).



Albo & Oblon attorneys are ready for prime time!  Lawyers from our firm had appeared as legal analysts on the national and international news, including the FOX News and CNN networks over 100 times. Click here for a full listing.


Albo & Oblon attorneys teach defense law to other lawyers at leading continuing legal education programs, including the state's popular Defense of Serious Traffic Cases in Virginia program.  Lawyers and non-lawyers can buy the Virginia DUI book we co-authored by clicking here.

Five of our attorneys (such as Erik Jurgensen, pictured here) are former Virginia Reckless Driving prosecutors. 

One of our attorneys (Thomas Key, pictured here) is a former police officer.     


Nothing is more stressful than being charged with Reckless Driving or another serious traffic offense in Virginia. The stakes are high and the cases move very fast. People who are in positions of trust -- such as police, prosecutors, and other law enforcement officials -- are suddenly "on the other side."

Virginia's Reckless Driving laws are surprisingly complicated.  There are 17 different types of Reckless Driving  and the Aggressive Driving statute is a new and complicated law. To give you an idea of how complicated it is - the law outlawing murder is a mere sentence.

This site is designed to give you an overview of Virginia's Reckless Driving laws. Do not rely on it for legal advice. Every case is different depending on the facts. Be sure to consult a lawyer for your specific case.

Our firm’s Serious Traffic Law section has experienced lawyers who aggressively defend these serious cases.


We never charge an initial consultation fee for Reckless Driving cases.

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